Our employment program offers members flexible and diversified employment opportunities within the competitive job market outside of the Clubhouse. Members who seek employment through Westwinds are not subject to sheltered workshops. A person who has a psychiatric disability should and will have the opportunity to pursue employment, education, and careers of their choice within the clubhouse model program. Having a psychiatric disability does not translate into employment disability.

Some of the services that Westwinds Employment
Unit provides to its members are:

    - Employment/Vocational Rehabilitation
    - Personalized job readiness
    - Independent research and placement assistance
    - Job Interview Training
    - Resume and Cover Letter Training
    - Benefits Counseling
    - Job Placement Services
    - Transitional, Supported, and Independent Employment

Transitional Employment (TE)

Transitional Employment is a unique vocational strategy which places our program members in jobs with local businesses, and helps them work toward independent, competitive employment.

What Westwinds Offers

Cost-effectiveness: We can reduce your cost of advertising, interviewing, and training for the positions you place with us.

Reduced absenteeism: We do our best to offer another trained member or staff to fill in if the working member in unable to work.

Quality of performance: Your quality and productivity standards will be met.

What we ask of Employers

A position which ideally would be 15-20 hours per week. Performance expectations equal to others doing the same job. Wages equal to others doing the same job.

How does Transitional Employment work?

Our placement managers learn the jobs themselves and then train employees you hire from the Westwinds candidate pool. We provide on-site training and support as needed. We visit the job site regularly to make sure things are going well. We help resolve any problems that may arise.

Group Placements

Group placements are a cost-effective answer to your labor needs. Westwinds can provide reliable workers for short or long term projects that could include assembly and packaging. Group placements are yet another great way for employers to hire not just an employee but a dedicated support team from Westwinds.

Supported and Independent Employment

Westwinds Clubhouse Supported and Independent Employment programs seek to link our experienced members with quality employers in Northern Worcester County.

Participants in these programs have the continued support of the Westwinds community. Westwinds Employment services effectively match area employers and job seekers at no cost to either party.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

The WOTC is a federally-funded program which reduces the federal tax liability of private, for-profit employers who hire new employees from “targeted” groups. All Westwind members qualify under one or more of the WOTC targeted groups, making this federal tax credit available to you. Further details on this great opportunity are available upon request.

The Bottom Line

We offer a win-win partnership that makes good business sense. We help you to meet the employment needs of your company by providing qualified prescreened applicants; offering training, on-site support and guaranteed absence coverage. You are not just hiring an employee; you are hiring a team. We stand behind our commitment. Let us work for you!

Want to Know More?

The Employment Coordinator and a member of our Clubhouse will give a presentation at your location and at your convenience. We understand that you may have time constraints, so we have limited our presentation to 15 minutes. Please call 978-345-1581 to speak with our Employment Coordinator about scheduling an appointment.

Some of Our Partners in Employment

    - Salvation Army
    - Catholic Charities
    - Super Wal-Mart
    - Market Basket
    - Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School
    - Early Intervention/CHL
    - Marshall’s Department Store
    - Dunkin Donuts
    - Fitchburg Housing Authority
    - Fitchburg Historical Society
    - Leominster Housing Authority

Employment Spotlight

I started coming to Westwinds about three years ago, when I was twenty five. Before that I had stopped going to college and working because of the medication I was taking for my bipolar depression. I was having bad side effects. I had applied for disability benefits during this time and was waiting for them. I had gone to the hospital a few times trying to get new medication. During this time Westwinds Clubhosue was very helpful and was a support for me to have a place to come to. I still struggle very much with depression. However, I have gotten to know people at Westwinds that struggle with the same issues I have which is comforting to know.

Westwinds has helped me get a job, which I have held now for two years, starting out as a transitional employment position. Upon completion of my TE, my employer, Market Basket, kept me as an employee. Now, Westwinds provides supported employment and makes sure I am doing well. Now, I am pretty independent with my job and don't need the support as much anymore, however Westwinds offers other supports that help me in my recovery. These supports include check-ins at my job, phone calls and my attendance at the monthly employment dinner. My job has helped pay off a car loan as well as keep my car on the road. I also have student loans and credit card debt which I will be able to pay off.

Also, I have started attending college part time again. I first started attending college about ten years ago until the worst of my illness occured. I am a talented musician, and attended Berklee College of Music for a semester in 2003. I have been playing the piano since I was about eight or nine. I play jazz, classical and even compose my own music. Now I go to Fitchburg State and was able to play in the jazz band for a little bit.

I still go to Westwinds sometimes, and it's good to know I have a place to go and feel comfortable around people. I want to thank Westwinds Clubhouse for being instrumental in my rehabilitation and recovery. The services they provide are beneficial to the community.