Pursuing Educational Goals

The educational program is offered to members working to obtain their GED or pursuing their personal educational goals. Space and computers are available for study purposes and tutoring is provided by staff and members. The Clubhouse also has members with teaching and tutoring skills to offer peer to peer support. There are workbooks, study materials, and diverse lessons for those interested in pursuing their individual educational goals. Services are available for members seeking to brush up on previously learned skills or to learn new skills. Our peer support and "one on one" tutoring reduces the stress found in classroom settings.

What we Offer:

    - GED Software
    - One on One Tutoring
    - Peer Support and Mentoring
    - Internet Exploration
    - Diverse Learning
    - Assistance with Paperwork for School or Financial Aid
    - Clubhouse Library
    - Computer Classes
    - Resume Writing
    - Spanish to English Lessons
    - Financial Literacy Course

Obtaining your G.E.D.

Our GED program utilizes Merit GED Software. This software is a supplement to the GED classes offered in the community. It is an additional and effective tool for members who have learning disabilities. Westwinds Clubhouse also has contacts with our local community college which offers GED testing.

Peer Mentoring

Members assist with peer to peer tutoring, studying and advocacy. As mentors learn the GED software they help other members get started in the program. Members also teach other members how to utilize the internet as an educational resource and assist with researching ways for members to receive financial aid. Westwinds Clubhouse has developed a schedule of member tutoring sessions; and encourages members to take advantage of educational opportunities or to assist other members with tutoring. Some members find studies at community facilities too stressful. They participate in Clubhouse classes where there is less stress and where teaching and learning is nourished by Clubhouse relationships. This process is strengthened by the peer mentoring that takes place within the Clubhouse community where members support each other.