Member/Staff Relationship

Members and staff illustrate their investment in the Clubhouse by taking their responsbilities seriously. This is apparent by the consistency of attendance, quality of work, and quality of relationships.

The goal of any Clubhouse is to develop relationships between staff and members, and members to members, in order to make the Clubhouse work; and like well-oiled machinery, we work great together as a team. It is clear that without our members' involvement, the functions of the Clubhouse could never happen as in accordance with the standards.

Contact Person/Clubhouse Adviser

Each Member chooses a contact person from the staff of the Clubhouse to assist them with their recovery goals. Peer support is also an intregal part of the Clubhouse community.

Work Units

The work units are the heart and soul of the daily activity at Westwinds Clubhouse. Each unit is a Clubhouse within a Clubhouse, where team work and relationships are created, skills are learned, confidence is built and work is successfully created and accomplished for the betterment of our Clubhouse. The unit that one participates in is based upon personal choice and interest. The length of time working in a unit is also based upon personal choice. Units operate in the House from 8:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What Westwinds Offers

Work-Ordered Day

Housing Supports

Benefits Counseling

Employment/Vocational Rehabilitation


Educational Supports

Financial Literacy Program

DRA (Dual Recovery Anonymous)

Assistance with Entitlements

Healthy Living Groups

Computer Training

Smoking Cessation Groups

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